Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

Last season was incredible for the Los Angeles Dodgers who came out the gate with one of the winningest seasons they have ever had. Coming out on top as the West Division best in regular season play as well as shattering the National League records for most home runs before the first week of September has ended, it was a season of bests for the boys in red, white, and blue. Fans are already eagerly waiting for the ticket booths to open so they can get the first crack at the best seats in the house for what may be an even stronger season in 2020. But you can have first dibs for the seats you prefer if you order through this website.

Just imagine, you will be able to see every home run, every clutch catch, and every time Dodgers pitchers strike out visiting players as they defend Dodger Stadium this coming season. Your favorite players return along with fresh draft recruits for what some sportswriters are calling the strongest roster the team has had in recent years. Fans that come out to Dodger Stadium might be in for a treat as this could be history in the making, with a team that is hungry for wins and eager to break records and bring the titles home to Los Angeles. Even if you are rooting for the visiting team, you can’t deny that the best glued-to-your-seats action only comes from Dodger Stadium.

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Last Season Highlights

Sportswriters could fill whole books with 2019 Dodgers highlights. From the opening game in the regular season until their last game in postseason play, the Dodgers have put out an incredible performance that could be surpassed in the 2020 season. But let’s focus on some of the biggest highlights of what you can expect from this year’s superstar roster based on last year’s incredible performance.

National League Most Home Runs in a Season

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the division record for most home runs in a season early in the year when they recorded 250 home runs on September 4. This record beast a record that was held for nearly two decades when the 2000 Houston Astros came to play. By the end of the season, this record was enhanced to an incredible 279 homers, including 14 from Cody Bellinger before May 1, Max Muncy scoring 35 homers by the end of the season, and rookie Will Smith’s 15 homers in 170 at-bats. Since the team has seasoned pros and fresh recruits with the skill and power to knock it out the park, we can only guess that the coming season will feature lots of homers for fans to cheer about.

Dodgers Come Back Strong

During a game against the Mets, the Dodgers were down 8-3. Many teams would have called this game a wash given how late in the game it was, but the Dodgers refused to give up. In the latter half of the game, the Dodgers turned things around and fought back hard refusing to give up any more points and ending the battle with a 9-8 win. The biggest highlight was undeniably Alex Verdugo’s walk-off sacrifice fly that sealed the deal.

How the Dodgers Shattered their Franchise Record

The Dodgers were always a hungry team that fought hard to win every game, no matter how behind they were, but this attitude for success was best displayed when they ended the season with a 106-56 record. This broke a franchise win record that was set way back by the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers. Bright times are ahead for the boys in red, white, and blue, and sportswriters are already making predictions on how far the team will beat last year’s record in 2020.

What do you expect to see when the Dodgers take the field this year? You’ll have to order tickets to their Dodger Stadium home games to find out.

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Why Everyone Loves Dodger Stadium

56,000 fans can come and enjoy the baseball action whenever they visit Dodger Stadium. When this stadium was built from 1959 to 1962, it cost team owners a total of 23 million dollars ($191 million in 2018 dollars). The stadium, parked in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, is the home for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is the oldest ballpark in the MLB west of the Mississippi River, and the third-oldest overall just behind Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. It also holds the distinction of being the largest baseball stadium by seat capacity. Many legends come with the stadium including the twelve no-hitters (including two perfect games) that were played in the stadium earning it the nickname “pitcher’s ballpark”. The stadium has also hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 1980 and will host once again in 2020 as well as 10 World Series games from 1963-2018. The stadium will also host baseball and softball during the 2020 Summer Olympics.

But what is it about Dodger Stadium that makes it so important to professional baseball and so popular for major events?

Let’s start with how Dodger Stadium was one of the last baseball-only venues to be built before the big rush for multi-purpose stadiums. Because it was intended for one use, Dodger Stadium was designed with several innovative features including a covered and screened section of dugout-level seats behind the home plate. This feature was inspired when Walter O’Malley saw the design at Tokyo’s Korakuen Stadium during the Brooklyn Dodgers’ postseason goodwill tour of Japan in 1956. This innovation was later replaced by more conventional seating in a 1999 renovation. It also features a wavy roof atop each outfield pavilion.

Stadium owners also take pride in the history of baseball as well as maintaining Dodger Stadium. The stadium is repainted every year and has an 800-pound statue of Jackie Robinson depicting him sliding into home plate as a rookie. The stadium also recruits an all-year gardening team to maintain the site, which has allowed the stadium to withstand the test of time, avoiding the need for frequent revisions and remodeling that other stadiums have to deal with.

Dodger Stadium is loved because of the great baseball games that fans get to see as well as the obvious love and care that the owners take with keeping it as one of the best looking stadiums in the world.